Heath loves Cathy, Cathy loves Heath – it has always been that way since high school and all through drama …

The Dark Moors

It began because we had to grow up. Heath and I had made a childhood pact; we would love each …

Death by Disguise

“If you are a fan of Kathryn Ledson or Janet Evanovich, you will love Jesse Clarke.” Carol,  Reading, Writing and Riesling.

Death by Reunion

Coming August 2021! A new cosy mystery in the Jesse Clarke series. It was 10 years since Jesse Clarke finished …

Autumn Manor

“If you’ve ever been truly in love, you’ll identify with Lexie and James.” Judy Alter, Story Circle Book Reviews.

Ophelia Adrift

“This captivating story about loss, love, and sacrifice is absolutely gripping. Reminiscent of a siren’s story.”  Britney Robinson